This Is Our Shop


Here are some shots of  the work we do.


This Handicap Ramp we recently constructed for a client in Hazleton.


Back deck on property 1 Front porch on property 1


Back deck on property 2


Kitchen Makeover in Freeland, PA

Kitchen Renovation In Freeland, PA

This renovation consisted of modifying new cabinets, building countertops and building an island.  It also consisted of ripping out old walls and redoing them completely.  The kitchen was completely made over.


This stereo entertainment unit was done for a friend.



Total kitchen remodel (Not blue dishwasher).


Total Bathroom Remodel




Our remodeled kitchen.


Center Island



Bathroom Remodel



Office Remodel


Fish Tank Stand To House 2 - 29 Gallon Tanks.


Right now we're working on pictures of outside construction.
As soon as they become available, we will post them.


This is a new kitchen remodel located in Milnesville, PA