Waymarks are the same as Benchmarks, except they have no disc. They can be a structure, a location or a Historical Marker, as placed by the National Historic Society, State Historical & Museum Commission and the state Department of Transportation.  In the past they were used for marking directions for travelers.


All locations are in Pennsylvania, unless otherwise noted.


I want to thank Dominic Deeble from Lined & Locked Photography for his fantastic pictures from Connecticut, Idaho, Kentucky, Maryland, Montana, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington & West Virginia  that were added to this collection.

Also credit to Stephanie & Steven Bambina, Conrad Depuy Jr (Jr) for his pictures of Pennsylvania, Minnesota and South Dakota, Connie Sr. for his great pictures of Georgia, Brandon Kantner for his picture of Christ Church in Philly and photos of Arizona, Nevada and Paris France, Chad Walton for his picture of Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota, Kentucky, Minnesota & Missouri and Michelle Martin for pictures of Georgia.



In Memory

This Waymark holds special memories for me.
The man leaning against the 3 Mile Island Waymark is David Kassick in 2011.
David was shot to death by a Hummelstown cop on 2-4-2015.

Rip David




3 Inch Ordinance Rifle - Gettysburg
(Taken By Dom)
7 Tubs Recreation Area - Pinchot State Park  (Taken by Jr) 12 Pounder Confederate Napoleon - Gettysburg (Taken By Dom)


        12 Pound Napoleon -Sylvania GA                      (Photo by Connie SR) 12th & Cambria Recreation Center Philly 14" 45 Cal. Guns from the USS Pennsylvania - Boalsburg


15th & 50th New York Engineers  Gettysburg (Photo by Dom) 26th N C Regimental Band Salem NC
(Photo by Dom)
28th Division Shrine - Boalsburg


28th Infantry Division US Army's Oldest - Plymouth 30th Street Station  - Philly
(Photo by Jr)
44th & 12th New York Infantry - Gettysburg (Taken by Dom)


76ers - Philly 91st Pennsylvania Infantry - Gettysburg (Taken by Dom) 101st Civil War Regiment - Hancock, NY (Photo by Dom)


140th New York Infantry Monument II - Gettysburg (Taken By Dom) 901 Bar & BBQ - Buck Run 911 Memorial Park - East Rutherford NJ (Photo by Dom)


911 Memorial  - Hazleton 911 Memorial North Arlington, NJ
(Photo by Dom)
911 Memorial Shoreham, NY
(Photo by Dom)


1895 Water Works - Montgomery NY
(Photo by Dom)
1902 Anthracite Coal Strike - Scranton 1902 Anthracite Coal Strike - Shenandoah


  1910 Bethlehem Steel Strike  





A Flower For Africa - Philly A Friend - Philly A Poem for the Community - Philly


Abe Stood Here - Philly (Photo by Dom) Julian Francis Abele - Art Museum - Philly Julian Abele Park - Philly


James Abercrombie House - Philly Above & Beyond - Philly Abstract Sculpture -Allentown


Academy of Music - Philly Academy of Natural Sciences - Philly John Mara Adgar - Philly


Adventure Aquarium - Camden, NJ Advocates for Advocacy - Philly Aero Memorial - Philly


African American Museum - Philly African Zoar Methodist Episcopal Church - Philly Agnes Flood Line on All Saints Catholic Church - Plymouth


AIDS Library of Philadelphia AIDS Southwest - Philly Air - Philly


Albert K. Smiley Memorial Tower -  New Paltz NY (Photo by Dom) Albertus L. Meyers Bridge - Allentown All Gave Some - Philly


All War Memorial - Philly All Wars Memorial to Penn Alumni - Philly Allegheny Aqueduct - Gibraltar


Allegorical Representation of America At  War - Philly Allegorical Representation of America Seated - Philly Richard Allen - Philly


Allentown Morning Call

Allentown National Bank

Allentown Post Office - 18101


Allentown Railroad Station (Closed) Allentown Service Plaza - PA Turnpike - Allentown Allentown Symphony Building Mural


Almost Home - Philly Amagansett Station Amagansett, NY
(Taken by Dom)
Amazon - Art Museum - Philly


America On Wheels - Allentown American Bandstand - Philly American Cable Recyclers - Lofty


American Flag Mural for Adam Keys - Easton American Flag Mural - Philly American Friends Service Committee


American Hose Co FD 38 Station - Ashland American Institute of Mining Engineers - Wilkes-Barre American Legion - Sparta, TN 
(Photo by Dom)


American Pharmaceutical Association
America's First Lager - Philly America's Promise - Philly


AMOR - Philly Amplify - Philly AMVETS Memorial Carillon - Lyndhurst NJ
(Photo by Dom)


Anchor presented by American Legion 383 Beaver Meadows Marian Anderson - Philly Marian Anderson - Philly


Andy Griffiths Show  Mount Airy NC  (Photo by Dom) Angel of Resurrection - 30th Street Station Philly (Photo by Jr) Angels of Caring - Soldier Park Rochester, MN (Photo by Chad)


Anthracite - Jim Thorpe Anti-Graffiti Network - Philly Application Trail



APM Outdoor Theatre - Philly Aqui y Alla - Philly Arc de Triumph de Carrousel  - Paris France (Photo by Brandon)


Arch St United Methodist Church - Philly Arch Street Meeting House - Philly Arch Presbyterian Church - Philly


Ardmore WRCV Tower in Philly Arise & Reclaim Aristes Post Office 17920


George Armstead - Baltimore MD
(Found by Dom)
Art Makes Me Confident - Philly Art Museum - Philly


Arts Park Fountain - Allentown John C. Asbury - Philly Ashland Boys Association


Ashland Clock  Ashland Post Office 17921 Ashley & Bailey Silk Mill - Marietta


Aspirations - Philly Aspire: Dr. Shawn L Wright Mural Project - Philly Associations - Philly


Astrolabe -State College Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church - Centralia At the Crossroads on the Philadelphia Institutional Correctional Facility


Atlas at the Meridien - Philly Atlas of New York City (Photo by Dom) Atlas of Tomorrow - Philly


Atmosphere & Environment XII - Art Museum - Philly Augustine of Hippo - Philly Stephen P. Austin's Birthplace  Austinville, NC (Photo by Dom)


Autumn Revisited - Philly Avalon NJ Water Tower
(Found by Dom)
Avondale Mine Disaster - Plymouth



B & O Bollmann Bridge Harpers Ferry WV to Maryland B. Free Franklin Post Office - Philly Edmund N. Bacon - Philly


Bad Rock Canyon MT (Photo by Dom) Pearl Bailey Bailey's Printshop - Lancaster


Baker Bowl National League Park - Philly Harriet Baker - Allentown The Baker Massacre - Marias, MT
(Photo by Dom)


Balancing - Philly Baldwin Locomotive Works - Philly Mathias Baldwin - Philly


Baltimore Mine Tunnel Disaster
Benjamin Banneker  - Baltimore MD
(Found by Dom)
Bannerman's Island Arsenal
Pollepel Island NY


Barnes Foundation Reflecting Pool - Philly Commodore John Barry - Philly Commodore John Barry - Philly


The Barrymores - Philly Barta - Reading Benjamin Smith Barton - Philly


John Bartram - Philly Bartram House & Gardens - Philly Basilica of St Peter & Paul Philly


Basket Historical Society of Upper Delaware Valley - (Photo by Dom) Ebenezer Don Carlos Bassett - Philly Battery G Fifth US Artillery Gettysburg (Photo by Dom)


Battery K New York Light Artillery Gettysburg (Photo by Dom) Battle of Antietam or Sharpsburg MD (Photo by Dom) Battle of Brier Creek - Sylvania, GA    (Photo by Connir Sr).


Battle of Minisink - Minisink, NY
(Photo by Dom)
Battle of Minisink - Minisink, NY
(Photo by Dom)
Battle of Wyoming - Wyoming


Bay Shore 1695 - Bay Shore NY
(Photo by Dom)
Bayonne Golf Club Bayonne NJ Be Kind To Animals - Philly 


Be Stronger Than Diabetes - Philly Bear - Eakins Oval - Philly Bear Mural - Libby, MT
(Photo by Dom)



Bear's Head Fire Tower Delano Bear Mt. Bridge - Bear Mt, NY
(Taken by Dom)
Bear Mountain Substation - Bear Mountain, MT (Photo by Dom)


Bearer of Peace - Laurel Mall - Hazleton Beasley Building - Philly Beast of Beaver Meadows


Beaver Meadows Veterans Memorial Beaver Meadows Volunteer Fire Co 1 Behold The Open Door - Philly


Bell of Champanelle - Philly Bell of St. Augustine - Philly Bell Pond - Philly


Bell House - Bethlehem Bellefonte Belmont Academy Charter School - Philly


Belmont Mural - Philly Belton River Bridge - Belton, MT
(Photo by Dom)
Bench & Table - Art Museum - Philly


Benjamin Banneker Institute - Philly Benjamin Franklin - Philly Benjamin Franklin Bridge Philly


Ben Franklin Bridge Wall - Philly
Benjamin Franklin Bust Key - Philly  
Benjamin Franklin's Chronology - Philly


Benjamin Franklin's Grave - Philly Ben Franklin at the Franklin Institute - Philly Big Ben at Franklin Town - Philly


Ben Franklin at One Liberty Place- Philly
(Photo by Dom)
Benjamin Franklin Parkway - Philly Ben Franklin at  University Stadium


Benjamin Moore - Shippensburg 
(Photo by Dom)
Philip Benner - Dale Summit Benjamin Moore - Shippensburg 
(Photo by Dom)


Berne Roadside Park MT
(Photo by Dom)
Berwick Armory Berwick Post Office - 18603


Bethal AME Church Bethlehem Bethlehem Public Library Bethlehem Steel Plant


Bethlehem Steel Stacks Betsy Ross Bridge - Philly Betsy Ross House - Philly


Large Bicycle Wheel Seattle, WA (Photo by Dom) Nicholas Biddle - Philly Bienvenidos a El Centro de Oro - Philly


Big Belly Solar Compactor - Philly
(Colored by Mural Arts)
Big Cow Wilkes-Barre, PA Big Duck - Flanders, NY
(Taken by Dom)


Bijou Theatre Knoxville, TN
(Photo by Dom)
Billiards - Tribute to Edward "Chick" Davis - Philly  "Billy" at Rittenhouse Square - Philly


Bingo pieces at Rayburn Park  - Philly

Bio 2019 - Philly Bird Feed - Philly


Birdsboro Clock Birdsboro Freight Station (Defunct) Birth of A Nation - Philly


Birthplace of Bristol - Bristol VA
(Photo by Dom)
Rev. William Bishop Bison - Eakins Oval - Philly


Black Bear - Cochecton, NY
(Photo by Dom)
Black Creek Scout Reservation -  Sylvania, GA     (Photo by Connie Sr) Black Family Reunion - Philly


Blackfeet Metal Indian on Horseback - St. Mary, MT (Photo by Dom) Blackfeet Metal Tipi - St. Mary Mt
(Photo by Dom)
Blackfeet Nation - St. Mary MT
(Photo by Dom)


Blackfeet & Buffalo Great Falls, MT (Photo by Dom) Black Forest - Philly Blatt Tire & Service - Philly


Blockhead - Philly Bloody Rock - Wyoming Bloomsburg Bicentennial


Bloomsburg Post Office - 17815 Blue Coal -Huber Colliery - Ashley Blue Star Memorial By-Way 
West Hazleton


Blue Star Memorial Highway Screven County GA (Photo by Connie Sr) Blue Star Memorial Highway Chester MT (Photo by Dom) Blue Star Memorial Highway Bordentown NJ  (Photo by Dom)


Blue Star Memorial Highway Mount airy NC (Photo by Dom) Blue Star Memorial Highway  I76 Glenmoore Blue Star Memorial Highway  PA Turnpike Hickory Run


Blue Star Memorial Highway Matamoras (Photo by Dom) Blue Star Memorial Highway PA Turnpike Schantz Blue Star Memorial Highway Route 301 Virginia (Photo by Dom)


Blue Star Memorial Highway Mongahela MD WV Border  (Photo by Dom) Blue Star Memorial Highway  I81 Northbound WV (Photo by Dom) Blue Star Memorial Highway  I81 N Rest Area TN (Photo by Dom)



Blue Stream - Philly Bluefield Locomotive Shop - Bluefield, WV (Photo by Dom) Blueprint West - Philly


Baruch S. Blumberg Boat House Row - Philly Bob Marshall Wilderness Country MT (Photo by Dom)


Boeing - Ridley Park Robert Bogle - Philly Bolt of Lightning - Philly


Bolton Basin - Deer Park, NY
(Photo by Dom)
Joseph Bonaparte - Philly The Bond - Philly


Bonners Ferry Fire Department - Bonners Ferry ID (Photo by Dom) Bonners Ferry Firemen's Memorial - Bonners Ferry, ID (Photo by Dom) Bookbinders - Philly


Bordner's Cabin -  Swatara State Park  Schuylkill  County ( Photo by Dom) Solomon Boscov - Reading Bottletree Project - Philly


Bottletree Project 2 - Philly The Bourse - Philly Bow String Arch Truss Bridge Roaring Run VA (Photo by Dom)


Boy & his Mule - Western Maryland Railway Station - Cumberland, MD
(Photo by Dom)
Boy with a Dolphin - In front of the Mayo Clinic - Rochester, MN (Photo by Chad) Boy With A Raised Arm - Philly



 Brainerd Church - Sybertsville Brant's Crossing - Highland, NY
(Photo by Dom)
Breaking Chains  - Philly


Brethren's House - Bethlehem Brewerytown - Philly Briar Creek Park & Lake  Berwick


Bethel "Brick Church"  Sylvania, GA - (Photo by Michelle Martin) Bethel "Brick Church"  Sylvania, GA - (Photo by Michelle Martin) Bethel "Brick Church"  Sylvania, GA -                   (Photo by Michelle Martin)


Brick House - Philly Brick House Village - Montague, NJ -                     (Photo by Dom) BRIDGE - Philly


Bridging the Gap - Philly Brier Creek Memorial - Sylvania, GA (Photo by Connie Sr) Brinker's Mill  Sciota  (Photo by Dom)


Bristol Sessions Bristol VA
(Photo by Dom)
Bristol Station Bristol VA
(Photo by Dom)
Broad Mt. Lookout Tower


Broad St Station - Philly Broad Street Unite - Philly Bronze Bowl with Lace behind the Art Museum - Philly


Bronze Representation of Whistler's Mother - Ashland Brooklyn Bridge New York City NY (Photo by Dom) Brookwood Hall - East Islip, NY
(Photo by Dom)



  R W Brown Community Center - Philly  
Brushstrokes - Philly Bryn Mawr Post Office 19010


Bryn Mawr Septa Station Buchanan Swinging Bridge - Buchanan, NY (Photo by Dom) Buchanan Theatre - Buchanan, VA
(Photo by Dom)


  James Buchanan  
  Budd Building - Philly  
Buffalo Church - Lewisburg


Building A Metropolis - Philly Building America (German American Contributions) Philly Building on the Past - Philly


Bull at Eakins Oval - Philly John Christian Bullit - Philly Bushkill Falls - Bushkill
(Taken by Dom)


Cyrus Bustill - Philly Butte, MT (Photo by Dom) Butterflies - Philly


Butterflies 2 - Philly Butterfly Effect - Hancock Butterfly Effect - Hancock Playground - Philly





C & D Recyclers - PAD021449244
Foster Township
C. M. Schwab High School - Weatherly Cabinet Peaks Medical Center - Libby, MT (Photo by Dom)


Thomas Cahill - Philly Alexander Milne Calder - Philly Callicoon Station - Callicoon, NY 
(Photo by Dom)


Callowhill Station - Philly Calm Consideration for Our Existence - Philly Camp Disappointment - Glacier National Park MT (Photo by Dom)


Roy Camponella - Philly Canal Basin (East basin of the D & H Canal) Port Jervis NY (Photo by Dom) Canal Basin (Boat Yard of the D & H Canal) Port Jervis NY (Photo by Dom)


Canal Bridge at Harpers Ferry National Historic Site WV (Photo by Dom) Cancer Support for Life - Philly Caney Folk River Bridge - Smith County TN (Photo by Dom)


Cape May Lighthouse NJ
(Taken by Dom)
Cape May NJ Water Tower
(Found by Dom)
Capture of Harpers Ferry WV
(Photo by Dom)


Carbon County - Jim Thorpe Carbon County Courthouse Clock - Jim Thorpe Carbon County Jail - Jim Thorpe


(Photo by Dom)
Carbondale City Hall & Courthouse
(Photo by Dom)
Carbondale Historic Sign
(Photo by Dom)


Carbondale Public Library Carnegie Building - State College CARVANA - Philly


Carpenter's Hall - Philly Carroll County VA  (Photo by Dom) Carroll Creek Fredrick WV
(Photo by Dom)


Cascade Cavern Falls -  Watkins Glen, NY (Taken by Dom) Cascade Tunnel  Skykomish, WA (Photo by Dom) Casita - Philly


Joseph & Amy Cassey - Philly Castle Craig - Hubbard Park Meriden, CT (Photo by Dom) Catawissa Friends Meeting House


Catawissa Friends Meeting House Catawissa Post Office 17820 Catlin Hall - Wilkes Campus


George Catlin - Wilkes-Barre Octavius V. Catto Octavius V. Catto Mural - Philly


Ostavius V. Catto Statue - Philly Margaret Lee Caution - Atlantic City NJ (Found by Dom) Cecil B. Moore - Philly


Cedar Grove One Room Schoolhouse - Sybertsville Celebrating Our Culture - Philly Celebration of the Arts - Philly


Celebration of Community - Philly Celebration of Poetry - Philly Cemetery Flood Forty Fort


Center City Complex - Bethlehem Center of the Real World - Philly Central Green at the Navy Yard - Philly


Central Library - Philly Central Moravian Church - Bethlehem Central New Jersey Railroad Station - Bethlehem


Central New Jersey Railroad Station
- Jim Thorpe
Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal - Jersey City, NJ Central Railroad of New Jersey Freight Station - Scranton


Central Railroad of New Jersey
Centralia Bench Centre County - Bellefonte


Centre County Courthouse - Bellefonte Centre Furnace - State College Ceramic Tiles Created - Philly


Wilt Chamberlain - Philly Chapel at the Navy Yard - Philly Charioteer of Delphi - Philly


Charles Library - Philly Chesapeake - Baltimore MD
(Found by Dom)
Chesapeake & Ohio Canal - Harpers Ferry WV (Found by Dom)


Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Towpath Hagerstown, MD  (Photo by Dom) Chester Arthur School - Philly Chester Waterside Station of the Philadelphia Electric - Chester


Chestnut Hill Stack - Philly Chestnut Place -  Philly Chickie's & Pete's - Philly


Chief Tamanend - Philly Children Are The Future - Philly Children's Hospital of Philadelphia


CHOP Karabots Pediatric Center - Philly China Town Gate - Philly Chocolate Workers Sit-down Strike  Hershey


Christ Church Sign- Philly  Christ Church Spire - Philly
(Photo by Brandon)
Christian Street Hospital - Philly


  Christian Street YMCA - Philly   Christopher Columbus Statue - Philly Chrysler Building New York City NY
(Photo by Dom)


Church of the Advocate - Philly Church of the Advocate - Philly Church of the Redeemer - Philly


Citizens &Southern Bank - Philly Citizens Bank Park - Philly Citizens Fire Company No.1 Weatherly


City Hall & Courthouse Annex
Camden NJ
City Hall in Philly City Plan of Philadelphia


City of Philadelphia Bridge Civil Engineering Philly Civil War Monument - Ben Franklin Parkway Left - Philly


Civil War Monument - Ben Franklin Parkway Right - Philly Civil War Monument Port Jervis, NY
(Photo by Dom)
Civilian Public Service - Philly


Claytor Lake Plaque & Time Capsule WV
(Photo by Dom)
Clinchfield Railroad Caboose  (CRR 1072)  Cumberland, MD  (Photo by Dom) Clinton, NJ


Clothespin - Philly Club Quarters Hotels Clock - Philly Coal Loader Resource, KY
(Photo by Dom)


Coal Miners Strike Scranton Coal Miners & Laborers' Strike - Plymouth Coal Tower Thurmond WV
(Photo by Dom)


Coeur D'Alene Lake - Northern ID
(Photo by Dom)
Coffee Cup - Wilkes-Barre Coffee Pot of Old Salem NC
(Photo by Dom)


Coin Exchange Bank - Philly Coles Fort Port Jervis NY (Photo by Dom) Colgate Clock - Jersey City NJ -
(Photo by Dom)


College Misericordia - Dallas Color of Your Voice - Philly Colors of Light - Philly


Colorful Legacy Mural - Philly John W. Coltrane _ Philly Columbia Bridge in the Summer - Philly


Columbia County Bloomsburg Columbia County Courthouse
Columbia County Roadside Rest  - I80



Columbus Monument - Philly Comcast - Philly Comic Book Project: Finding Mantua


Coming Home - Philly Commadore Barry Bridge  - Chester Commander's House - Philly Navy Yard


Commercial Digital Computer Birthplace - Philly Common Ground - Philly Common Ground - 23rd & Crosley - Philly


Common Sense - Philly Common Threads Mural - Philly Concrete City  Nanticoke


Concrete Tree - Schuylkill River Trail -
Concrete Tree 2 - Schuylkill River Trail - Philly Concrete Tree 3 - Schuylkill River Trail - Philly


Concrete Tree 4 - Schuylkill River Trail - Philly Concrete Tree 5 - Schuylkill River Trail - Philly Concrete Tree 6 - Schuylkill River Trail - Philly


Concrete Tree 7 - Schuylkill River Trail - Philly Concrete Tree 8 - Schuylkill River Trail - Philly Concrete Tree 9 - Schuylkill River Trail - Philly


Concrete Tree 10 - Schuylkill River Trail - Philly Concrete Tree 11 - Schuylkill River Trail - Philly Conestoga Navigation Company Route 342 South of Lancaster


Confederate Dead - Sylvania, GA    

 (Photo by Connie Sr.)

Confederate Hospital Bristol VA
(Photo by Dom)
Confederate Line at Oceechee  Church  Sylvania, GA (Photo by Connie Sr)


Connecticut Settlement in Wilkes-Barre Connecting Link - Bethlehem Connie Mack - Philly


Connie Mack Stadium - Philly Contemplation, Clarity, Resilience - Philly Continental Army - Valley Forge
(Photo by Dom)


Continental Divide - Montana
(Photo by Dom)
Conoy Indian Town Convergence - Philly


Rev. Father William Corey Gettysburg (Photo by Dom) Cora Sports - Philly Robert Cornelis - Philly


Corner Stone of City Hall - Philly Courage the Cowardly Dog - Philly Covanta - Chester


Covenant - Philly The Cowboy - Philly Former Coxton Yards - Pittston


The Crane House - Port Jervis, NY
(Photo by Dom)
Creating Healthy Communities - Philly Croton Gorge Dam - Cortlandt, NY
(Photo by Dom)


Cruiser Olympia & Submarine Bacune - Philly Crystal Snowscape - Philly Culps Hill Observation Tower - Gettysburg (Taken by Dom)


Cumberland Railway Station - Cumberland, MD (Photo by Dom)  Rev. John Curran - Wilkes-Barre Andrew G. Curtin - Bellefonte


   Andrew G. Curtin Statue - Bellefonte  






D & H Canal - Minisink, NY (Photo by Dom) Dansbury Depot - East Stroudsburg
(Photo by Dom)
Davis Covered Bridge #17


Marquis De Lafayette Francisco De Miranda - Philly Stephen Decatur - Philly


Decker Fort - Port Jervis, NY
(Photo by Dom)
Decker Fort - Port Jervis, NY
(Photo by Dom)
Defending Our Honor - Philly


Deinonychus - Philly Delaware Canal - Easton Delaware Canal - Raubsville
(Taken by Dom)


Delaware Canal State Park - Easton Delaware Generation - Philly Delaware & Lackawanna Portland Depot (Photo by Dom)


Delaware, Lackawanna & Western
Railroad Station - Scranton
Denison House - forty Fort Denison House -  Forty Fort


Hiram Denson Obelisk - Forty Fort Derry Church - Hershey

Derry Church - Hershey


Derry Churchyard - Hershey Devil's Gulch - Garretson, SD
(Photo by Jr)
Dewey Decimal System - Philly


Diamond Lotus - Philly Diana at the Art Museum - Philly Diligent Fire Co. #3 Jim Thorpe


Discovery - Knoxville, TN
(Photo by Dom)
Divine Lorraine Hotel - Philly Dixie Hummingbirds - Philly


Dobbin House - Gettysburg Merrell Dobbins Vocational School - Philly Dominos at Rayburn Plaza - Philly


Domino Players - Philly Hilda Doolittle - Bethlehem Doors of Destiny are in Your Hands - Philly


The Dorsey Brothers - Shenandoah Double Branched Gong - Allentown Double Eagle Memorial - Sparta, TN
(Photo by Dom)


Dows 6th Maine Battery Gettysburg
(Photo by Dom)
Dr. George S. King Park - Bay Shore, NY (Photo by Dom) Dr. J (Julius Erving) - Philly


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. & Coretta Scott King  Allentown Edwin J. Drake - Bethlehem Draper's Valley VA  (Photo by Dom)


Dreams, Dysphora, Destiny - Philly Dreams of Solitude - Philly Anthony J. Drexel - Philly


Anthony Drexel - 31st & Market - Philly Elizabeth Drinker - Philly - (Photo by Dom) W.E.B. Du Bois - Philly


Dubois High School - WV
(Photo by Dom)
Duck Girl of Rittenhouse Square  Philly Dupree Studios - Philly


James Durang - Lancaster Charles L. Durham - Philly Duryea Drive - Reading


Dye House - Bethlehem Mary Dyer - Philly Dying Lioness - Philly




E85 - Corn Based Fuel -
12th & Vine - Philly
Eagle Gazebo - Philly Eagle Mural - Philly


Eagle on Market Street Bridge - Philly Eagle Scouts Honor Roll - Plymouth Eagle Sculpture - Olympic Sculpture Park Seattle, WA (Photo by Dom)


Eakins Oval - Philly Thomas Eakins - Philly Earle Theatre Old Time Music Heritage Hall  Mount Airy NC (Photo by Dom)


Early Settlers - Groseclose, VA
(Photo by Dom)
East Bloomsburg Bridge aka Fort McClure Veterans Bridge East Coast Humpbacks - Philly


East Tennessee History Center East Water Street Sag Harbor, NY Eastern Diversified Metals - PAD9809830533


Eastern State Penitentiary - Philly Eastern State Penitentiary Sign - Philly Easton Clock


Easton Post Office - 18042 Easton Public Library Ebenezer Union Church - New Tripoli


Ebervale Veterans Memorial  Ebervale Eckley Miners Village Education is the Message - Philly


Edward Gideon Project - Philly
    Eggshells & Feathers - Philly
    Eiffel Tower - Paris France


Dwight D. Eisenhower - Gettysburg
(Found by Dom)
Elfreth's Alley - Philly Eli Kirk Price Fountain - Philly


Elizabethtown Mural - Junction of PA 230 and Schwanger Road. Elk at Eakins Oval - Philly Ellen Phillips Samuel Memorial - Philly


Andrew Ellicott - Lancaster Ellicott City Clock - Ellicott City MD
(Found by Dom)

Ellicotts Mills MD
(Found by Dom)


Ellicott's Mills Station Ellicott City MD (Found by Dom)

Emanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church - Philly

Embracing Second Chances - Philly


Embracing Second Chances 2 - Philly Embracing Second Chances 3 - Philly Empire State Building NYC
(Photo from a chopper by Dom)


Employees of the Jersey Central Railroad Monument - Jersey City NJ (Photo by Dom) Empty Sky - Liberty State Park New Jersey (Taken by Dom) Engine 1 Ladder 5 - Philly


Engine 8 Ladder 2 Philly Engine Company #11 - Philly Engine Co. No 13 - Philly


Engine Company #20 - Philly Engine 24 - Philly Engine 35 Ladder 25 Falls


Engine 39 Truck 30  Philly Engine 43 Ladder 9 - Philly Engine 53 Ladder 27 - Philly


Engine 58 - Philly Engine 59 Ladder 18 - Philly Engine 66 Philly


ENIAC - Philly Erie Depot - Port Jervis, NY
(Photo by Dom)
Erie Turntable - Port Jervis, NY
(Photo by Dom)


Ethiopian Garden - Philly Eurana Park & Lake - Weatherly Evelyn Taylor Memorial Sundial at Rittenhouse Square - Philly


Evening Horizon - Philly Everhart Museum - Scranton Everyday Heroes - Philly


Evolving Faces of Nursing - Philly   Exiles For Conscience Sake
Walnut St Promenade- Philly




F. M. Kirby Center for the Performing Arts
Face Fragment - Philly Faces of Kensington - Philly


Faces that Shape Us - Philly Faces that Shape Us 2 - Philly Facial Unity - Philly


Fair Hill Burial Ground - Philly Fair Hill Burial Ground - Philly Fairmount - Philly


Fairmount Dam - Philly Fairmount Park Visitors Center - Philly Fairmount Waltz - Philly


Fairmount Water Works - Philly Fairmount Water Works - Philly Fallen Heroes - Philly


Fallen Heroes - Philly Falling Springs Falls Pittston, PA Falls at Logan Pass -Glacier National Park W Glacier MT (Photo by Dom)


Falls Bridge - Philly Fallingwater Bear Run (Photo by Dom) Fallingwater Bear Run  (Photo by Dom)


Fallingwater  Bear Run
  (Photo by Dom)
Falls City Great Falls Cotton Mill - Rock Island State Park  TN (Photo by Dom) Families Belong Together - Philly


Family Garden - Philly Family Interrupted - Philly Fantasy Landscape - Philly


Former Farmers High School "Old Main"
State College
Father Divine - Philly Father Paul - Philly


Fathers & Children - Philly Father & Son Fountain - Olympic Sculpture Park -Seattle, WA (Photo by Dom) Daniel "Danny" Faulkner - Philly


Federal Inn - Reading Federal Street Burial Ground - Philly Federation Forest - Hungry Horse MT
(Photo by Dom)


Jesse Fell - Wilkes-Barre W. C. Fields - Philly Fifteenth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Gettysburg (Photo by Dom)


Finding Home - Philly Finding the Light Within - Philly John S. Fine - Nanticoke


Finnegan's Wake - Philly Fire Island Lighthouse - Fire Island NY (Found by Dom) Firebrand Hotel - Whitefish, MT
(Photo by Dom)


First African Baptist Church - Philly First African Baptist Church Cemetery - Philly First African Presbyterian Church - Philly


First African Society - Philly First Bank - Philly First Cement - Coplay


First Custom House - Sag Harbor, NY
(Taken by Dom)
First Electric Cars - Scranton First Electric Light - Sunbury
(Taken by Dom)


First Mint - Philly First Presbyterian Church - Lancaster First Presbyterian Church - Wilkes-Barre


First Reformed Church - Easton First Reformed Church - Lancaster First Republican National Convention


Five Spouts & Lintel - South Street Harbor Park - Philly Lester Flatt Memorial - Sparta, TN 
(Photo by Dom)
Back of Lester Flatt Memorial  - Sparta, TN
(Photo by Dom)


Back of Lester Flatt Memorial  - Sparta, TN
(Photo by Dom)
Daniel J. Flood - Wilkes-Barre Flowers for you - Philly


Flukes at the Art Museum - Philly Folding the Prism - Philly Forbes Camp  Schellsburg
(Photo by Dom)


Forbes Road (From Fort Bedford to Fort Duquense) (Photo by Dom)

Forest Brook - Philly

Forgiveness - Philly


Fort Allen Weissport

Benjamin Franklin Built Fort Allen

Fort Allen Well - Weissport


Fort Allen Well Sign - Weissport Fort Augusta - Sunbury
(Taken by Dom)
Fort at Canoe Place Shinnecock NY
(Taken by Dom)


Fort Coombe - Hancock, MD
(photo by Dom)
Fort Delaware - Milanville, NY
(Photo by Dom)
Fort Durkee - Wilkes-Barre 


Fort Franklin - 309 South of Snyder's Fort Hamilton - Stroudsburg Fort Hill - Fort Hill, PA (Photo by Dom)


Fort Hyndshaw - Route 209 East of Stroudsburg (Found by Dom) Fort Lebanon - Auburn
(Found by Dom)
Fort Look-Out Baltimore MD
(Found by Dom)


Fort McClure - Bloomsburg Fort McHenry - Baltimore MD
(Found by Dom)
Fort McHenry Cannons - Baltimore MD
(Found by Dom)


Fort McHenry Orpheus Statue - Baltimore MD (Found by Dom) Fort Mifflin - Philly Fort Montgomery Tunnel Bear Mountain  NY (Photo by Dom)


Fort Penn Stroudsburg Fort Wheeler - Bloomsburg Fort Wyoming - Wilkes-Barre


James Forten - Philly Fortress of Dreams - Philly Forty Fort


Forty Fort Cemetery Forty Fort Meeting House Fountain of Sea Horses


Frackville Post Office - 17931 Francis E. W. Harper - Philly Francis E. Walter Dam & Reservoir
White Haven


Frank Rizzo Mural - Philly Franklin Institute in Philly Franklin Square - Philly


Franklin Square Fountain - Philly David Salisbury Franks - Philly Frances Tavern - Philly


Fredrick Douglass Memorial Hospital
Free Library - Philly Free Library - Lehigh Ave. Branch - Philly


Free Quaker Meeting House - Philly Freedom - Philly Freedom Is A Light - Philly


Freedom Now Rally - Philly Freedom School - Philly Freedom Theatre - Philly


Freedom Tower NYC
(Taken by Dom from a chopper)
Freeland Fire Tower Friendsville, MD (Photo by Dom)


Frog at Rittenhouse Square  - Philly From Behind the Mask - Philly John E, Fryer MD - Philly


Meta V, W, Fuller - Philly Future is in the Hand of Our Children


Future Is Ours - Philly 


  Futuristic Chairs - Olympic Sculpture Park Seattle, WA (Photo by Dom)  




Gamekeeper's Night Dog - Philly Garden of Delight - Philly Garden of Serenity - Bethlehem


Garden Walk - Philly Arthur J. Gardner Memorial - Tresckow James A. Garfield - Philly


Gargoyle Fountain - Pottsville, PA Garnet Ghost Town - Missoula, MT
(Photo by Dom)
Gateway Arch - St Louis, MO  (Photo by Chad)



Gay Rights Demonstrations - Philly Gay Street Viaduct - Knoxville TN
(Photo by Dom)
Gemeinhaus - Bethlehem


General Pulaski Park - Philly Geno's Steaks - Philly George Clymer Elementary School - Philly


George C. Pratt Memorial Bridge -Philly George Washington Bridge - Connecting Fort Lee & New York City (Taken by Dom) George Zeisloff Log Home - Ontelaunee Park - New Tripoli


Henry George - Philly German Settlement - Philly German Society of Pennsylvania - Philly


Barbara Gettings - Philly Gettysburg Address - Gettysburg
(Taken by Dom)
Gettysburg Railroad Station
(Found by Dom)


Giannini Family  - Philly John Gibbon Gettysburg
(Photo by Dom)
Gift of the Wind - Philly


William Camp Gildersleeve - Wilkes-Barre Giovanni's Room - Philly Girard College - Philly


Girard College Sign - Philly Girard Park Fountain - Philly Girard Point Bridge - Philly


Stephen Girard - Philly Girard Unite - Philly Girl Scout Cookies - Philly


Give Me Shelter - Philly Give Us Some Water - Philly Glacier Park International Airport - Kalispell, MT (Photo by Dom)


Glacier National Park W. Glacier MT
(Photo by Dom)
Glacier Park Station Glacier Park MT
(Photo by Dom)
GlaxoSmithKline Sculptures at the Navy Yard - Philly


Glen Onoko Falls Global War on Terror - Carbondale
(Photo by Dom)
Glomar Explorer - Philly


Gloria Dei (Old Swedes) Church - Philly Gloria Dei (Old Swedes ) Church - Philly Glorious Day in the Country - Philly


Gnadenhutten - Lehighton Go To The Sun Tunnel - Glacier National Park, MT  (Photo by Dom) Goat Lick Pass - Essex, MT
(Photo by Dom)


Maurice K. Goddard - Raubsville
(Found by Dom)
Golden Irish Harp - River Walk Park -  Spokane, WA                  ((Photo by Dom) Israel Goldstein - Philly


Gorge Trail - Watkins Glen State Park - Watkins Glen NY Government of the People -  Philly Fredrick Graff - Philly


Graffiti Pier - Philly Grace Baptist Church - Philly Eugene Gifford Grace - Allentown


Grain Elevator - Sprague, WA (Photo by Dom) The Grand Battery - Philly Grand Canyon - Arizona
(Photo by Brandon)


Grand Staircase - Allentown Grand United Order of Oddfellows - Philly Grant Street Bridge - Bluefield WV
(Photo by Dom)


Ulysses S. Grant - Philly Great Falls Dam - Rock Island State Park TN  (Photo by Dom) Great Falls of the Passaic Paterson, NJ


Great Falls HP-Spencer 46kv Transmission Line TN (Photo by Dom) Great Northern 1147 - Wenatchee, WA           (Photo by Dom) Great Northern 6703A - Spokane, WA                (Photo by Dom)


Great Northern 181 -Whitefish MT
(Photo by Dom)
Great Northern Bus - Whitefish, MT
(Photo by Dom)
Great Northern Caboose - Troy MT
(Photo by Dom)


Great Train Mural - Jefferson Station - Philly General Nathanael  Green - Philly Greater Bible Way Temple - Philly (Destroyed by fire 8/27/2020)


Albert M. Greenfield - Philly Greenport Fire Boat - Greenport, NY (Taken by Dom) Greenport Station  Greenport NY
(Taken by Dom)


Greenwood Cemetery - Northampton     Greyhound 1 from Greyhounds at Washington Square - Philly             Greyhound 2 from Greyhounds  at 

Washington Square -  Philly


       Grist Mill (Old) Harpers Ferry WV
(Found by Dom)
Growth of a City - Camden NJ Growing Up in Germantown - Philly


Gun Barrel from the USS New Jersey at the Navy Yard. - Philly Guy Park - Amsterdam, NY
(Photo by Dom)
Guy Park Lock - Amsterdam NY
(Found by Dom)




Haines Shoe House - Hallem Arthur Lee Hall - Philly Hallelujah - Philly


Alexander Hamilton - Paterson NJ Hanging Gardens - Philly Hanover NY Clock
(Photo by Dom)


Hanover Street Bridge - Baltimore MD (Found by Dom) Hanover Township All Wars Memorial Hard Rock Cafe - Philly


Harmony - Philly Harpers Ferry Train Station  WV
(Photo by Dom)
Harpers Ferry Tunnel WV -
(Photo by Dom)


Harry's Occult - Philly John Harrison - Philly John F. Hartranft School  Philly


Hart's Tavern Patchogue NY
(Taken by Dom)
Hasco Railroad Snow Plow  MT
(Photo by Dom)
Haussmann's Pharmacy - Philly


Haven of Hope - Philly Haverford Trolley Stop - Philly Havre Air Force Station - Simpson, MT (Photo by Dom)


Hawks Nest  - Deer Park, NY
(Photo by Dom)
Joseph Haydn - Fairmount Park - Philly Hazle Township High School - Hazleton


Hazleton Clock Hazleton High School Hazleton Post Office - 18201


Hazleton WAZL Tower Head Sculpture at Olympic Sculpture Park Seattle, WA (Photo by Dom) Healing Power of Music - Philly


Healing Through Faith & Spirituality - Philly Healing Wall: Inmates Journey - Philly Healing Wall: Victim's Journey - Philly


Healthy Rhythm - Philly Hear Our Voices - Philly Hear Our Voices 2 - Philly


Heart of Baltimore Ave - Philly Heart of Baltimore Ave 2 - Philly Heart of Kensington - Philly


Heavy Blanket - Philly Heckewelder House - Bethlehem Helping Energize Rebuild Ourselves


Henry Clay Monument - Pottsville Henry Martyn Robert  Haworth NJ
(Photo by Dom)
Heritage Mural - Pittston


Hero Center - Philly Heroes of N. Philly: Still We Rise - Philly Hershey


Hershey Powerhouse Stacks Hershey's First Candy Store - Philly Hessian Camp - Reading


Heyward Shepherd Memorial WV
(Photo by Dom)
Hickory Run Service Center Hiester Home - Reading


High German Evangelical Reformed Church
High Point Monument  - Sussex, NJ - ( Photo by Dom) High Point Monument Plaque 1 - Sussex, NJ -              (Photo by Dom)


High Point Monument Plaque 2 - Sussex, NJ -         (Photo by Dom) James Jerome Hill - Havre, MT
(Photo by Dom)
Hill To Hill Bridge - Bethlehem  


Historic Bristol  Bristol VA
(Photo by Dom)
Historical Society of Pennsylvania - Philly History of Chinatown - Philly


History of Grays Ferry - Philly History of Immigration  - Philly History of Immigration  - Philly


History of Immigration  - Philly History of Immigration  - Philly History of Immigration  - Philly


History of Parkside - Philly History of Passyunk - Philly History of Passyunk 2 - Philly


History of Puerto Rico - Philly History of Tacony - Philly History of the Trolley - Philly


Hoboken Terminal - Hoboken, NJ
(Taken by Dom)
Hoboken Terminal Clock  Hoboken, NJ
(Taken by Dom)
Holding Grandma's Quilt - Philly


Billy Holiday - Philly Hollingshead Bridge No. 40 - Catawissa Larry Holmes - Easton


Holmesburg Prison - Philly Holocaust Memorial - Philly Holy Trinity Catholic Church - Philly


Holy trinity - Philly Holy Trinity Lutheran Church - Lancaster Home Safe - Philly


Home Safe 2 - Philly Homestake Pass - Butte, MT
(Photo by Dom)
Honey's Garden - Philly


Honest"  Eddie Murphy - Hancock, NY (Photo by Dom) Hope is a Waking Dream - Philly Hopewell Village - Berks County


Samuel Hopkins - Philly Horseshoe Curve - Altoona Horticultural Mural - Philly


Hotel Altamont - Hazleton House of Industry - Philly House of Mystery  - Columbia Falls, MT
(Photo by Dom)


How We Fish - Philly Lyman H. Howe - Wilkes-Barre Lyman H. Howe - Wilkes-Barre


Humpback Bridge - Allegheny County VA -(Photo by Dom) Hungry Horse Dam - Hungry Horse, MT (Photo by Warren) Hydrological Movements: Mill Creek - Philly





I81 Southbound - Nuangola Ian L. Beecher Memorial Tree - Ontelaunee Park - New Tripoli Imazu Lighthouse at River Walk Park Spokane, WA (Photo by Dom)


The Immigrant - Philly In Memory of Mandirico - Philly In Memory of Many American Soldiers - Philly


In Memory of Mickey - Philly In Plane Site - Philly In the Presence of a Peaceful Place - Philly


  In Tribute To Alicia Patterson - Sands Point NY (Photo by Dom) Independence Hall - Philly


Independence Visitors Center - Philly Independence Seaport - Philly Independence Starts Here Mural - Philly


Indian Point Energy Center  Buchanan, NY (Photo by Dom) Indian Raid - Minisink, NY
(Photo by Dom)
Industrious Light -Philly


Industrious Light: Baldwin Locomotives - Philly Industrious Light : Brewerytown - Philly Ingles Ferry Road - Pembroke, VA 
(Photo by Dom)


Inspirational Mural - Pittston Institute for Colored Youth - Philly Insurance Company of North America - Philly


Interlacing - Philly Interpark - Philly Iona Island - Stone Point NY
(Photo by Dom)


Irish Americans in American Revolution - Philly Irish Railroad Workers Museum - Baltimore MD (Found by Dom) Ironton Caboose - Ironton


Iroquois - Philly Isaac Walton Inn Essex, MT
(Photo by Dom)
Isaiah Zagar's Magic Garden


Islip Beach - Islip NY Islip Beach Gazebo - Islip NY Israel Platt Pardee House - Hazleton


  Italian Market - Philly  



Jack & Jill of America Foundation - Philly Jackson's Ferry Shot Tower  Jackson's Ferry VA (Photo by Dom) Jackson Mansion Formerly Old Courthouse
- Berwick


Arthur Horace James - Plymouth Rev. Thomas James
(Taken by Dom)
Jazz - Philly


Jeanne d' Arc (Joan of Arc) - Philly Jeddo Honor Roll  Jeddo Jeddo Mine Drainage Tunnel


Jenkins' Fort - Wyoming Jersey Claim Line - Cochecton, NY
(Photo by Dom)
Jerusalem Stabile - Philly


Jewel Box Back - Philly Jewel Box Front - Philly Jewels of Mantua - Philly


Jewels of Mantua 2 - Philly J.F.K. Stood Here Philly (Photo by Dom) Jim Thorpe All American


Jim Thorpe All American Jim Thorpe's Tomb - Jim Thorpe John Brown's Fort  Harpers Ferry WV
(Photo by Dom)


John Brown's Monument  Harpers Ferry WV
(Photo by Dom)
John Ericsson Fountain - Eakins Oval
John F. Street Community Center - Philly


Jolly Green Giant - Blue Earth MN
(Photo by Chad)
John Paul Jones - Philly Mary Harris "Mother" Jones - Coaldale


Mother Jones - Philly Senator Roxanne Jones - Philly Jonestown Bank & Trust - Jonestown


Gen. George Joulwan - Pottsville The Journey - Philly The Journey from Viet Nam to the US - Philly


Journey to Resilence - Philly The Journeyer - Fairmount Park - Philly Junedale


  Just Before Fall - Philly  




K 86 Radford VA
(Photo by Dom)
Kahal Kadosh Mikveh Israel - Philly Louis J. Kahn - Philly


Kaleidoscope - Philly Kalispell Historic Courthouse - Kalispell, MT (Photo by Dom) Thorfinn Karlsefni - Philly


Katyl Massacre Memorial - Jersey City NJ (Photo by Dom) Anna Wagner Keichline - Bellefonte John B. Kelly - Philly


Kensington is the Heart of Philadelphia Kensington Library - Philly Kentucky Derby - Louisville, KY (Photo by Chad)


Keyser Creek - Taylor Keystone State Cover - Philly KG 12 Montgomery White Sulphur Springs VA   (Photo by Dom)


KICKS USA -Philly Kimmel Center - Philly King Solomon - Philly


Martin Luther King Jr. Mural - Chester Martin Luther King Jr. Mural - Philly Fred Morgan Kirby - Wilkes-Barre


Kites & Keys - Philly Franz Kline - Wilkes-Barre Fred Knauf's Grave - Broad Mt.


Knecht Bridge- Columbia County Knelly Podany Post 616 Memorial
Knoebels Amusement Resort - Elysburg


Knox Mine Disaster  - Port Griffiths Kootenai Falls Swing Bridge - Libby, MT (Photo by Dom) Koocanusa Bridge - Libby, MT
(Photo by Dom)


Kootenai Bridge  Bonners Ferry ID
(Photo by Dom)
Kopernik - Philly (Photo by Dom) Korean War Memorial - Philly


Thaddeus Kosciuszko - Philly   Thaddeus Kosciuszko - Philly
(Photo by Dom)




La Cancion di mis Recuedos - Philly La Hoist - Crab Orchard TN
(Photo by Dom)
Patti LaBelle Mural - Philly


Labor & Industry - Philly The Laborer - Philly Lackawanna County - Scranton


Lackawanna County Courthouse
Lackawanna Iron - Scranton Lady Liberty of the Susquehanna Dauphin Narrows (Photo by Dom)


Lafayette - Bethlehem Lake Mohonk Mountain House - New Paltz NY (Photo by Dom) Lancaster County - Lancaster


Eddie Lang - Philly Eddie Lang Mural - Philly Lorenzo L. Langstroth - Philly


Lansford WLSH North Tower Mario Lanza  - Philly Mario Lanza Mural - Philly


Lardner's Point Pier - Philly Lardner's Point Pumping Station - Philly Last Spike "The Milwaukee Road" Garrison, MT (Photo by Dom)


Latin America - Philly Latinx Heroes Lattimer Massacre - Harwood


Lattimer Massacre - Lattimer Laurel Grove Cemetery - Port Jervis, NY (Photo by Dom) Laurel  Hill Cemetery - Philly


Laurel Lodge #457 Civil War Memorial - White Haven Laurel Run Mine Fire Lawncrest Public Library - Philly


Layers of Haddington - Philly Le Van - Zinc Statue - Greenwood Cemetery Northampton Leacht Crum Hochain Nan Gael - Philly


Leadership - Philly Leaf on a Stream - Cabella's - Hamburg

Legacy: The Roots Mural - Philly


Legacy of Honor Bench -
SSG Justin Whiting - Hancock, NY
(Photo by Dom)

Legendary - Philly

Legendary Blue Horizon - Philly


Legendary Blue Horizon - Philly

Leh - Greenwood Cemetery
Lehigh Canal - East Allentown
Taken by Dom


Lehigh Canal - Walnutport
(Taken by Dom)
Lehigh Canal - Weissport Lehigh County - Allentown


Lehigh Railway - Pittston                    (Photo by Dom) Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railroad Lehigh Valley Heritage Center - Allentown


Lehigh Valley RDC No. 40 - Strasburg Lehigh Valley  Station - Weatherly Lehighton Post Office 18235


Leiby's South Tamaqua Joseph Leidy - Philly Leonardo's Horse - Allentown


Charles Lennig Letita House - Philly Let Go Have Fun - Philly


Lewis & Clark Expedition Obelisk - Glacier, MT      (Photo by Dom) Lewis & Clark  Harpers Ferry WV
(Photo by Dom)
Meriwether Lewis - Philly


Libby Dam  Libby, MT
(Photo by Dom)
Libby Station - Libby, MT
(Photo by Dom)
Liberation of Jane Johnson - Philly


Liberty Bell - Philly Liberty Mural Philly Liberty Co.


Life from the Past - Philly Life Long Learning - Philly Life Reflects Nature - Philly


Lifelines - 16th & JFK Blvd. - Philly

Hunter Liggett - Reading The Lighthouse - Philly


Lincoln Park Fountain - Jersey City, NJ (Photo by Dom) Abraham Lincoln - Philly Lindberg Viaduct - Reading


Lindemann Fountain - U of P Campus
Lincoln Financial Field "The Linc"
Lion in Rittenhouse Square - Philly


Lion Brewery - Wilkes-Barre Lion Fighter at the Art Museum - Philly Lion at Capital Grill - Philly


List Road - Reading
(Photo by Dom)
Lit Brothers - Philly Little Lithuania - Shenandoah


Little Schuylkill Railroad Station - Tamaqua Local Heroes - Philly Lock Ridge Iron Furnace - Alburtis
(Photo by Dom)


Locust Mountain Wind Farm
Mahanoy City
Locust Point Baltimore MD
(Found by Dom)
Lofty Tunnel - Lofty


Logan Circle - Philly   Logan Pass - Glacier Park, MT
(Photo by Dom)
    Lombard Street Riot - Philly    




London Coffee House - Philly Long Beach Bridge NJ
(Photo by Dom)
Long Eddy, NY
(Photo by Dom)


Long Wharf Sag Harbor, NY
(Taken by Dom)
Longstreet's Assault Gettysburg
(Photo by Dom)
Tommy Loughran - Philly


Louisville & Nashville Railroad # 2132 - Corbin KY (Photo by Dom) The Louvre & Museum - Paris France (Photo by Brandon) LOVE at University of Pennsylvania Campus Philly


LOVE Park (Before Remediation)- Philly LOVE Fountain (Before Remediation)
Lower Humbert Covered Bridge - Somerset (Photo by Dom)





Sigmund Lubin - Philly Lukenbach Mill & Miller's House
Lutheran Settlement House - Philly


Luzerne County - Wilkes-Barre Luzerne County Courthouse
Luzerne County Community College Walk of Honor - Nanticoke


The Luxor  Reno Nevada
(Photo by Brandon)
Lynn Township Eternal Flame - Ontelaunee Park - New Tripoli Lynn Township World War II Memorial - New Tripoli




M42A1 Duster 29th Division Boalsburg M59 Personnel Carrier - 29th Division
Mackay Radio Tower - Napeague, NY (Found by Dom)



William Maclay - Sunbury Macungie Flower Park - Macungie Macungie Station - Macungie


Macungie Vietnam Memorial - Macungie Magee Carpet Co. Stack - Bloomsburg Magic Wall - Philly


Mahanoy Plane - Frackville Mahanoy Township High School
Mahanoy City
Mahanoy Tunnel - under Route 54
Ryan Township


Mahoning Drive-In - Lehighton Mail Pouch Tobacco Barn - New Tripoli MAJOR - Philly


Malcolm X - Philly Man Full of Trouble Tavern - Philly Manayunk Views - Philly


Manhasset Viaduct Manhasset, NY
(Taken by Dom)
Manhattan Bridge - New York City, NJ Manhattan Skyline From Liberty State Park NJ (Taken by Dom) 


Manor of Maske - East of Gettysburg on Route 30 (Found by Dom)

Mapping Courage Mural - Philly Mapping Friere - Philly


Guglielmo Marconi - Philly Maria De Santos - Philly Marian Anderson House - Philly


Marian Sutherland Kirby Library
Marietta Post Office - 17547 Marietta Theatre


Marietta War Memorial Park Marines 1st Division - Philly  Mario The Magnificent at Drexel - Philly


Maris Pass Obelisk - Maris Pass, MT - (Photo by Dom) Market Street Bridge - Wilkes-Barre Markle Bank & Trust Co - Hazleton


Vernon Marks - Philly Chief Justice John Marshall - Philly Marshall Creek Mastodon
(Found by Dom)


Mary Ellen Ferry - Orient Point, NY
(Taken by Dom)
Maryland 911 Memorial Mary's Rock Tunnel - Shenandoah State Park - Bentonville, VA


Mason-Dixon Survey - Philly Masonic Temple - Allentown Masonic Temple - Philly


Masonic Temple - Philly Miles Mack Recreation Center - Philly March to the Sea - Sylvania GA           (Photo by Connie Sr,)


Min L. Matheson - Wilkes-Barre Mauch Chunk Honor Roll - Jim Thorpe Maury River Swinging Bridge - Goshen Pass, VA (Photo by Dom)


May Groot Mansion  East Hampton NY
(Photo by Dom)
Mayowood - Home of the Mayo Clinic Founders - Rochester, MN
(Photo by Chad)
Mayowood Mansion - Home of the Mayo Clinic Founders - Rochester, MN
(Photo by Chad)


George Briton McClellan - Philly McClellan House - Philly McClintock Hall - Wilkes Campus


McCormick Mill - Steeles Tavern, VA
(Photo by Dom)
George P. McCulloh at the Morris Canal - Jersey City, NJ (Photo by Dom) McDonalds Memorial Presbyterian Church - Philly


McDonalds - Philly William G. McGowan -  Wilkes-Barre, PA William McKinley - Philly


William McKinley - Reading Sargent John F. McKinney Memorial - Sylvania, GA (Photo by Connie Sr.) McMichael's Creek - Stroudsburg


McMichael's Dam - Stroudsburg Meaderville, MT (Photo by Dom) Mechanics Union Of Trade Associations - Philly


  Medical Library Association - Philly   Meet Me at the Eagle (Inside Macy's)
Melrose Diner - Philly


George W. Melville "Father of NAVSEES" - Philly Memorial Bridge - Highlands NJ
(Photo by Dom)
Memories of my Life - Philly


Memories of My Life 2 - Philly Mennen's Borated Talcum Toilet Power - Harpers Ferry WV Mercedes Benz 240 Diesel Monument - Lincoln Park Cemetery - Linden, NJ


Mercantile Library - Philly Merchants Exchange Building - Philly Mercy Hospital - Philly


Memorial Hall - Philly Memorial Park - Carbondale
(Photo by Dom)
Merriam Theatre - Philly


Metallurgical Woman - Allentown Metallurgical Worker (The Puddler) Allentown Metamorphosis Philadelphia


Metal River Sculpture - River Walk Park - Spokane, WA    (Photo by Dom) Metropolitan Mirror Glass
PAD982366957 - Frackville
Micro to Macro - Philly


Micro to Macro - Philly Mid-Hudson Bridge - Poughkeepsie, NY Thomas Mifflin - Sunbury


Mike Schmidt - Philly Mikveh Israel Cemetery - Philly Mile Marker #30  Orient Point NY
(Taken by Dom)


Mill Neck Station Mill Neck NY
(Taken by Dom)
Military Stables & Barracks - Lancaster The Mills Brothers - Bellefonte


Millville Historic District - Sussex, NJ - (Photo by Dom) Milwaukee Caboose - Bonner, MT
(Photo by Dom)
Milwaukee Road Substation Missoula, MT (Photo by Dom)


Mine Fire Centralia Mineola Signal Tower Mineola, NY Mineola Substation - Mineola, NY


The Miner - Philly Minersville Area Veterans Memorial Minersville Post Office 17924


Minersville Train Station Minneopa Falls - Minneopa State Park - Mankato, MN (Photo by Chad) Miokilteo Lighthouse - Miokilteo, WA (Photo by Dom)


Missoula Station - Missoula, MT
(Photo by Dom)
John Mitchell - Scranton Mitosis - Philly


Ralph Modjeski - Philly Molly Maguire Execution - Jim Thorpe Molly Maguire Execution - Pottsville


Monopoly Piece The Hat Thomas Paine Plaza (Formerly Rayburn Plaza) - Philly Monroe County -  Stroudsburg Monroe County All Military Memorial - Stroudsburg


Monroe County Viet Nam Memorial - Stroudsburg Monroe County World War Memorial - Stroudsburg Montauk Air Force Base - Long Island NY -(Found by Dom)


Montauk Maritime Memorial - Long Island NY (Found by Dom) Montauk Pont Lighthouse - Long Island NY (Found by Dom) Montauk Station Montauk, NY
(Taken by Dom)


General Richard Montgomery - Philly Moonlight Landscapes - Philly Moose at Eakins Oval - Philly


Moravian Cemetery - Bethlehem Moravian Community - Bethlehem J. E. Morgan Memorial Fountain


Moriches Inn - Moriches, NY
(Taken by Dom)
Mormon Tabernacle - Philly Morning Glory - Philly


Morning Glory MATUAZAH - Philly Morning Glory - Philly Morris Canal Through Branch Brook Park  Essex, NJ (Found by Dom)


Mosser Obelisk - New Tripoli Mother & Child - Philly Mother Bethel AME Church - Philly


Mother Bethel AME Church - Philly Mother of Sorrows Church - Philly Mother of Sorrows School Children's Mural Philly


Mother's Day - Philly Mount Airy Post Office 27030  Mount Airy NC (Photo by Dom) Mount Airy War Memorial  Mount Airy NC (Photo by Dom)


Mount Clare Station Baltimore MD
(Found by Dom)
Montgomery White Sulphur Springs TN  (Photo by Dom) Move Forward - Philly


Moving Toward Greatness - Philly Moving Toward Greatness - Philly Moving Toward Greatness 3 - Philly


Moyamensing Prison - Philly Moyie River Canyon Bridge - Moyie Springs ID  (Photo by Dom) Mt. Arlington Station - NJ
(Taken by Dom)


Mt. Joe Palooka - Ashley Mt. Rushmore  South Dakota
(Photo by Chad Walton)
Muhlenberg Brigade Huts - Valley Forge (Photo by Dom)


Henry A. Muhlenberg - Reading Major General Peter Muhlenberg - Philly Mummers Museum - Philly


Municipal Building - Centralia Municipal Building - Weatherly Municipal Services Mural - Philly


Mural Mural on the Wall - Philly Rev. Joseph Murgas - Wilkes-Barre Music Mural - Philly


My Life My Path My Destiny - Philly   My North Philly 




Nanticoke Nanticoke War Memorials
(Photo by Conrad Depuy)
Napoleon's Tomb at Les Invalides France (Photo by Brandon)


The Narrows Cumberland, MD
(Photo by Dom)
National Aquarium - Baltimore MD
(Found by Dom)
National Constitution Center - Philly


National Funeral for President Washington - Philly National Grid Port Jefferson Power Station National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark - GO TO  THE SUN  Road Transverses Glacier Park. (Photo by Dom)


National Katyn Memorial - Baltimore MD (Found by Dom) National Memorial Arch - Valley Forge (Photo by Dom) National Museum of American Jewish History - Philly


National Road Cumberland MD
(Found by Dom)
Nativ NTellengence - Philly Native American Memorial - Philly


Natty Bumppo - Fly Creek
(Steve found the Medallion!)
(Photo by Stephanie Bambino)
Natural Bridge - Natural Bridge, VA
(Photo by Dom)
Natural Bridge Plaque - Natural Bridge, VA (Photo by Dom)


Natural Bridge Sign  - Natural Bridge, VA (Photo by Dom) Natural Bridge State Park Visitors Center - Natural Bridge, VA (Photo by Dom) Navy Yard Mural - Philly


NC Federation of Women's Clubs NC (Photo by Dom) Neighborhood Restorations - Philly Nesaika - Philly


Nescopeck Nesquehoning Post Office 18240 Neuweiler Brewery - Allentown


Never Forget - We Will Remember - Philly New Bethlehem Baptist Church - Philly New Castle Township Memorial - St Clair


New Century Guild - Philly New Jersey Battleship - Delaware River - New Jersey New Jersey Transit Raritan River Bridge Between Perth Amboy & South Perth Amboy NJ (Photo by Dom)


New Market - Philly New River (Old Norfolk & Western Piers) (Photo by Dom) New River Gorge Bridge on US 19 in WV (Photo by Dom)


New York Memorial Gettysburg
(Photo by Dom)
New York Power & Electric - Amsterdam NY (Found by Dom) New York Susquehanna & Western Freight Station Stroudsburg


Newkirk Mine Tunnel Route 209 West of Tamaqua Nicetown - Tioga - Philly Nineteenth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Gettysburg  (Photo by Dom)


Nipper Tower - (RCA) -  Camden NJ Nittany Lion - State College No 2 Tunnel  - Pao;a View, MT
(Photo by Dom)


No Borders - Philly Noble Lions & Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Philly Henry Noll - Bethlehem


Norfolk & Western #7 Bluefield, WV
(Photo by Dom)

Norfolk & Western Caboose - Rural Retreat, VA (Photo by Dom)

Norris Street Historical Marker - Philly


North Broad Street Station - Philly North Star: A Journey to Freedom - Philly North Wildwood NJ Water Tower
(Found by Dom)


Northampton County - Easton Northampton National Bank - Easton Northern Pacific 1356 Missoula, MT
(Photo by Dom)


Northern Pacific Station Missoula, MT (Photo by Dom) Northkill Amish
(Photo by Dom)
Northumberland County - Sunbury
(Taken by Dom)


Numedia Post Office 17858 Numerica Skyride  Spokane, WA (Photo by Dom) Nurses of the Korean War - Philly




Obama - Philly Amedeo Obici - Wilkes-Barre Obur Sport


O'Connor Plaza at Temple University - Philly Ode to West Philly Odyssey - Philly


Oh Deer - Philly John O'Hara - Pottsville O'Hare International Airport - Chicago- (Photo by Dom)


The Oily Boid gets the Woim - Kevin, MT (Photo by Dom) Ohiopyle State Park - Farmington 
(Photo by Dom)
Ohiopyle State Park - Farmington 
(Photo by Dom)


Old Auto Lite Tank - Hazleton Old Chapel - Bethlehem Old City Hall - Philly


Old City Life - Philly Old City Tender - Philly Old Courthouse 1840 - Ellicott City MD (Found by Dom)


  Old Hajoca Stack (Demolished)
Old Hook Mill - Long Island NY
(Taken by Dom)
Old Jail - Lancaster


Old Lehigh County Courthouse
Old Log Church - Schellsburg 
(Photo by Dom)
Old Log Church - Schellsburg 
(Photo by Dom)


Old Man Young Man & Future - Philly Old Monroe County Courthouse - Stroudsburg Old Pine Church - Philly


Old Salem Covered Bridge Old Salem NC (Photo by Dom) Old Savannah Road - Sylvania, GA (Photo by Connie Sr,) Old St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church


Old St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church
- Philly 
Old Schoolhouse & Firehouse Museum - Ogdensberg, NJ (Photo by Dom) Old Schoolhouse & Firehouse Museum - Ogdensberg, NJ (Photo by Dom)


Old Steam Engine - Missoula, MT
(Photo by Dom)
Old Stone Methodist Episcopalian Church - Berwick Old Supreme Court - Philly


Old Town Hall - Marietta Old Waterworks - Bethlehem Old Waterworks - Bethlehem


Oldest Church - Port Jervis, NY
(Photo by Dom)
Oldest House Old Salem NC
(Photo by Dom)
Oldest Photograph Philly


Oldham Theatre - Sparta, TN
(Photo by Dom)
On the Block - Philly One Mentors the Other - Philly


    One Liberty Observation Deck - Philly  

One World  - Philly

Ontelaunee Park Bandshell - New Tripoli


Open Skies and Underground Places - Philly Orient Point Lighthouse Orient Point NY (Taken by Dom) Dr. Bodo Otto - Reading


Our City Our Vets - Philly Our Heritage Along the Waterway 1 - Royersford Our Heritage Along the Waterway 2 - Royersford


Our House - Philly Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel Church
Our Philadelphia


Our Vision Our Testament - Philly Outdoor Aquarium - Philly Outside My House - Philly


  Overbrook High School - Philly  





PA Civil War - Philly Asa Packer Mansion - Jim Thorpe Pagoda - Reading (Taken by Dom)


A. Mitchell Palmer -  Stroudsburg Palmer Museum of Art - State College Palmerton Zinc - PAD002395887


Pan with Sundial - Philly

Paoli Station

Park on Diamond - Philly


Parking Lot Serpents - Philly Rosa Parks Mural - Philly Parkway High School - Philly


Parts Per Million - South Philly High Passing Through Passing Through Central Philly


Passion Flower - Philly Patchett Homestead Early Inn - Montgomery, NY (Photo by Dom) Patee & Paterno Libraries - State College


Paterson NJ Clock Pathology of Devotion - Philly Pat's King of Steaks - Philly


Pats King of Steaks - Philly Burd Patterson - Pottsville Robert Patterson - Philly


Patrolman William F. McAndrew - Carbondale
(Photo by Dom)
Paul Robeson - Philly Paul Robeson House - Philly


Paulinskill Viaduct Knowlton, NJ
(Photo by Dom)
Paulus Hook NY
(Photo by Dom)
Pavilion Rittenhouse Square - Philly


Peace is a Haiku Song - Philly Peace Like A River - Philly Peace Sign - Philly


Peace Through Imagination - Philly Peace Wall - Philly Peaceful Kingdom - Philly


Peaceable Kingdom - Philly Peaken Tavern Orient Point NY
(Taken by Dom)
Pearson - Zinc Statue - Greenwood Cemetery - Northampton


Peddle Power - Philly Pedal Through - Philly Pegasus - Philly


Penn Museum - Philly Penn Relays - Philly Penn Treaty Park - Philly


Penn State Obelisk - State College Hannah Callowhill Penn - Philly Penn's Cave - Centre Hall


Penn's Cave Hotel - Centre Hall Penn's Common - Reading Penn's Landing - Philly


Pennsylvania Abolition Society - Philly PAFA (Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Art - Philly Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts


Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
Pennsylvania Bible Society - Philly Pennsylvania Canal - Northumberland
(Found by Dom)


Pennsylvania Canal - Raubsville
(Found by Dom)
Pennsylvania Canal - Sunbury
(Taken by Dom)
Pennsylvania Hall - Philly


Pennsylvania Hospital - Philly  Pennsylvania Hospital - Philly Pennsylvania Match Factory - Bellefonte


Pennsylvania Medical Society - Lancaster Pennsylvania Railroad Monument - Philly Pennsylvania Slave Trade


Pennsylvania State Memorial - Gettysburg (Taken by Dom) Pennsylvania State Police - Hershey Pennsylvania State University - State College


People's Progression Toward Equality
William Pepper Perelman Building - Philly


Perkins Memorial Drive - Bear Mt. NY (Photo by Dom) Vincent Persichetti - Philly Personal Renaissance - Philly


Phaedrus - Philly Philadelphia Philadelphia (GB)


Philadelphia (GB3) Philadelphia 76'ers Training Complex - Camden, NJ Philadelphia Beacons


Philadelphia Beauty Showcase Philadelphia Beirut Bombing Philadelphia - Camden Ferry


Philadelphia Conference The Philadelphia Contributorship Philadelphia Contributorship


Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery Society Philly Philadelphia Guild of Handweavers - Philly Philadelphia High School for the Creative & Performing Arts


Philadelphia Industrial Correctional Center - Philly Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News - Philly Philadelphia International Airport


Philadelphia Liberty Carousel
Franklin Square - Philly
Philadelphia Marathon - Philly Philadelphia Municipal Water System


Philadelphia Muses Mural Philadelphia Navy Yard Philadelphia on a Half Tank


Philadelphia Pharmacy Philadelphia Post Office 19104 Philadelphia Pyramid Club


Philadelphia Sketch Club Philadelphia Sound Stages Philadelphia Stars Monument


Philadelphia Stars Philadelphia Tribune - Philly Philadelphia Trolley Works


Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore Railroad Bridge No. 1 - Philly Phillies Mural - Philly Henry L. Phillips - Philly


Philipsburg Manor - Sleepy Hallow, NY
(Photo by Dom)
Philly Mini Golf - Franklin Square Philly Special


Philly the Bern Philosophical Hall - Philly Phoenix Rising - Philly


Physick House - Philly Pikuni Veterans Memorial Bridge - East Glacier, MT Photo by Dom) Pile of Antlers - Molese, MT
(Photo by Dom)


The Pilgrim - Philly Pinnacle Lookout - Hawk Mt. Sanctuary - Eckville (Found by Dom) Pioneer - Philly


The Pioneer - Scranton The Pioneer - Scranton Pioneering Women A to Z - Philly


Pioneering Women A to Z  (2) - Philly Piragueno - Philly Pirates Cove - Port Jefferson NY
(Photo by Dom)


Pittston Fort Pittston Post Office 18640 Play at Second Base - Philly


Playing Angels - Kelly Drive at Fountain Green Drive - Philly The Ploughman - Philly Plymouth Memory Walk - Plymouth


Plymouth Town Clock - Plymouth Edgar Allen Poe - Philly Poe House - Philly


The Poet - Philly Point Breeze Unite - Philly Point of Rocks Station MD 
(Photo by Dom)


Poleridge Mercantile Poleridge MT      (Photo by Dom) Police & Fireman's Memorial
Franklin Square
Pollinator Garden Anchor - Greenport NY (Taken by Dom)


Ponquogue Bridge - Hampton Bays, NY
(Photo by Dom)
Port Clinton Honor Roll - Port Clinton Port Jefferson Clock - NY
(Photo by Dom)


Port Jervis, NY (Photo by Dom) Port Jervis World War II Memorial - Port Jervis, NY (Photo by Dom)

Port Richmond - Philly



Pothole - Carbondale
(Photo by Dom)
Geology of the Pothole - Carbondale (Photo by Dom) Potter Thomas Eagles Playground - Philly


Doctor Jonathan Potts - Reading Pottsville Maroons POW-MIA Memorial - Sparta, TN
(Photo by Dom)



Terence  V. Powderly - Scranton The Preacher - Philly Presbyterian Church 
(Boyhood church of Theodore Roosevelt)
- Oyster Bay NY (Photo by Dom)


Presbyterian Church in the USA - Philly President's House - Philly Preston Hose Co. No. 3
Hanover Township


Prince Station Prince, WV
(Photo by Dom)
Prince's Mansion - Paisley Park - Chanhassen, MN (Photo by Chad) Pride & Progress - Philly


Princeton Station - Pri8nceton, WV
(Photo by Dom)
The Printer - Philly Procession of Mary Magdalene di Pizza -


Progress - Philly Prometheus Strangling the Vulture - Art Museum - Philly Promised Land - Philly


Provident Mutual Insurance Building PRR Smoke Stack - Philly -  Demolished PSFS Building - Philly


Public Sector Collective Bargaining Philly Puerto Rican Migration/Heritage - Philly Puerto Rican Migration/Heritage - Philly


Puerto Rican Statue of Liberty - Philly Pulaski Skyway - Between Newark & Jersey City, NJ (Found by Dom) Casimer Pulaski - Philly


Casimir  Pulaski - Scranton Pulaski's Banner - Bethlehem Pulling Out - Philly
Pulse - Dilworth Plaza - Philly The Puritan - Philly Sgt. Hiram W. Pursell - White Haven 


Purple Heart Memorial - Philly   Pyramid - Art Museum - Philly





The Quaker - Philly Queen Bee Mill - Sioux Falls, SD
  (Photo by Jr)
Quilt: A Pattern for Generations - Philly


Don Quixote - Philly   Quogue Historic District - Quogue, NY (Photo by Dom) 




Race Street Friends Meeting House
Raccoon with Soft Pretzel - Philly Radio Flyer Slide - River Walk Park - Spokane, WA (Photo by Dom)


Rahway, NJ (Found by Dom) Ralph Brooks Project - Philly Reach High & You Will Go Far - Philly


Alfred J. Reach - Philly Reach for Peace - Philly Reading : A Journey - Philly


Reading & Northern Outer Station
Reading & Northern Port Clinton Station Reading Railroad Massacre - Reading


Reading Railroad Heritage Museum - Hamburg Reading Terminal Clock - Philly Reading Terminal Market - Philly


Reading Terminal Market - Philly Reading the Flow - Philly Rebecca at the Well - Fairmount Park


Reclaiming Vital Spaces - Philly Reclining Indian Fisherman of the Delaware - Eakins Oval - Philly Reclining Indian Fisherman of the Hudson Eakins Oval - Philly


Reclining Indian Fisherman of the Mississippi - Eakins Oval - Philly Reclining Indian Fisherwoman from
the Potomac - Eakins Oval - Philly
Red Mill Museum Village - Clinton, NJ (Photo by Dom)


Red Mill Museum Village - Clinton, NJ (Photo by Dom) Red Owl Tavern - Philly Red Rock Park Falls - Sanborn, MN
(Photo by Chad)
Sephaniah Reese - Plymouth Reflections of St. James - Philly Religious Liberty - Philly


Remembrance - Philly Remember to take Your Daily Dose of Color - Philly Renewing Hopes: Sunrise to Sunset - Philly


Renewing Seasons - Philly Resilience - Philly Rest in Peace - Philly


The Revolutionary Soldier - Philly John F Reynolds - Lancaster John F Reynolds - Philly


R.J. Reynolds Winston NC (Photo by Dom) Richmond Generation - Philly Rickett's Circus - Philly


Ride The Ducks - Philly The Ridge - Philly Ridge on the Rise - Philly


Ringgold Light Artillery -  

Rippling Moon (North) - Philly

  Rippling Moon (South) - Philly


RISE - Philly   Rivers Casino (Formerly Sugarhouse) Philly   River Crossings Old &New  Jackson's Ferry VA  (Photo by Dom)
Riverfront - Spokane, WA (Photo by Dom) Frank Rizzo - Philly Robert Clemente Playground - Philly


Robert Moses Causeway Bridge
Fire Island NY
Robert Moses Water Tower Wantagh, NY Paul Robeson - Philly


Robin Roberts - Philly Jackie Robinson - Philly Rock Form - Philly


Rock Island Train Bridge - Rock Island, WA            (Photo by Dom) Rockville Bridge - Harrisburg
(Found by Dom)
Rockville Bridge - Marysville 
(Photo by Dom)


Rocky Statue at the Art Museum in Philly Rocky Glen Park  Moosic Rodin Museum - Philly


Roebling's Delaware Aqueduct - Minisink, NY (Photo by Dom) Roebling's Delaware Aqueduct - Minisink NY to Lackawaxen (Photo by Dom) Mathias Roeser - Lancaster


Betsy Ross - Philly George Ross - Lancaster Peter F. Rothermel - Nescopeck


Roxborough High School - Philly Roxborough Solar Compactor - Philly Royal Theatre - Philly


Rupert Covered Bridge #56 - Bloomsburg Rural Retreat Station - Rural Retreat, VA (Photo by Dom) Rustic Gazebo - Philly




Sacred Now:  Faith & the Family in the 21st Century - Philly Safeguard Storage - Philly Sag Harbor Korean & Vietnam Memorial


Sag Harbor Windmill Sag Harbor NY
(Taken by Dom)
Sag Harbor WW2 Memorial Sagamore Hill - Cove Neck NY
(Photo by Dom)


Sagamore Hill National Historic Site 
Cove Neck NY (Photo by Dom)
Sailboats - Philly Saint Benjamin Brewing Company - Philly


Saints Peter & Paul Lutheran Church Haym Salomon - Philly Salem Academy & College - Salem NC (Photo by Dom)


Salvation Army - Philly Samuel S. Fleisher Art Memorial - Philly Sand Point Station Sand, Point ID
(photo by Dom)


Sandy's Dream - Philly Saturday Afternoon - Philly Christopher Saur - Philly


Saylor Cement Kilns - Coplay Saylor Park - Coplay David O. Saylor Memorial - Coplay


Scenic Route 97 - Lumberland, NY
(Photo by Dom)
Victor Schertzinger (Photo by Dom) Franz Schubert - Fairmount Park - Philly


Schuylkill Canal - Port Carbon Schuylkill County - Pottsville Schuylkill County Clock - Pottsville


Schuylkill County Courthouse - Pottsville Schuylkill County Municipal Authority Fountain- Pottsville Schuylkill Haven Clock


Schuylkill Haven Railroad Station Schuylkill Mall - Frackville Schuylkill Navy of Philadelphia


Schuylkill River Valley - Philly Schuylkill Valley Heritage Trail
Route 209 Between Tamaqua & Pottsville
Charles M. Schwab - Bethlehem


The Scientist - Philly Scott Paper Co Tank - Chester Scottish Memorial - Philly


Scranton Scranton/Slocum Hallow Iron Furnaces Screven County GA (Photo by Connie Sr.)

Screven County Memorial Park - Sylvania, GA )Photo by Connie Sr.) Sculpture Garden Water Wall - Art Museum - Philly Sea Isle City NJ Water Tower
(Found by Dom)


Seasons - Philly Second Brigade Gettysburg
(Photo by Dom)
Second National Bank - Philly


Secret Book - Philly Seeds of Change - Philly Seeing Our Voices - Philly


Self-Made Man - Jim Thorpe Seneca Lake - Watkins Glen NY
(Photo by Dom)
Sentry Bridge - Watkins Glen State Park - Watkins Glen NY (Photo by Dom)


Seppman Mill - Mankato, MN
(Photo by Chad)
Settling of the Seaboard - Philly Shakespeare Memorial - Logan Circle - Philly


Shawnee Cabins - Shawnee State Park - Schellsburg (Photo by Dom) Shawnee Fort - Plymouth Shawnee-Minisink Archaeological Site - Delaware Water Gap - (Photo by Dom)
1904 Shay Locomotive - Columbia Falls, MT - (Photo by Dom) Shelby MT Railroad Station
(Photo by Dom)
Shenandoah Clock


Shenandoah Post Office - 17976 Shenandoah Pulp Factory Harpers Ferry WV   (Photo by Dom) Sheppard Memorial Fountain - Bad Rock Canyon MT (Photo by Dom)


Sheppton Mine Disaster & Rescue
Sheraton Society Hill - Philly Sherman Tank - 28th Infantry Division - Boalsburg


Sherman;s Advance - Sylvania, GA (Photo by Connie Sr.) Shikellamy SHINE - Philly
Shinnecock Canal Railroad Bridge - Hamptons Bay NY Shinnecock Lighthouse - Shinnecock, NY (Photo by Dom) Shippen House - Lancaster


Shofuso Japanese House & Garden - Philly Shot Tower - Philly Shot Tower - Philly


The Signer - Philly Silent Watcher - Philly Silt Pile - Philly
Simon Gratz High School - Philly Simon Kramer Institute New Philadelphia Joseph Simon - Lancaster


John Siney - St. Claire Singing Fountain - Philly Sinking of the HMS Otranto - Sylvania, GA (Photo by Connie Sr.)


Sioux Falls - Sioux Falls, SD (Photo by Jr) Sioux Quartzite - Sioux Falls, SD
(Photo by Jr)
Sister's House - Bethlehem


Sit with Me Abe - Gettysburg Sit With Me -Ben Franklin -  Philly Site of First Church - Suffolk County NY
(Photo by Dom)


Sixth, Eleventh and Twelfth Ward Memorial - Philly Officer Robert Skerski - Philly
Skew Bridge - Reading


Skew Bridge - Reading Skinner Falls Bridge Milanville  NY to Skinner Falls NY 
(Photo by Dom)
Abjah Smith & Company - Plymouth


Edgar Fahs Smith - Philly Robert Smith - Philly Stephen Smith - Philly


Will Smith - Philly Smoke Cycles: Seeking Shelter from the Storm - Philly Smoke Free Community - Reading


Smokin Joe Frazier - Philly Snowshed # 12 - Essex, MT (Photo by Dom) Snyder Covered Bridge #17


Simon Snyder - Lancaster Soaring South Side of the University District Gateway Bridge - Seattle , WA            (Photo by Dom) Social Consciousness - Philly


Social Still  former Gosztony's Saving
& Trust - Bethlehem
Society Hill Synagogue - Philly Soldiers & Sailors Fountain - Easton


Soldiers & Sailors Monument - Allentown Soldiers Civil War Monument - Bloomsburg Soldiers & Sailors Memorial - Bridgehampton
(Found by Dom)


Soldiers & Sailors Memorial  - Easton Soldiers Civil War Monument - Hazleton Soldiers & Sailors Monument
Jim Thorpe 


Soldiers & Sailors Monument - Lancaster Soldiers Monument - Pottsville Soldiers Monument - Scranton


Soldiers Memorial - White Haven  Songs of Hope - Philly Soul of Black Bottom - Philly


South 9th Street Curb Market - Philly South Philly Musicians - Philly South Philly Musicians Remix


Southeast by Southeast - Philly Southern Railway Depot - Knoxville, TN (Photo by Dom) Southwark Generation - Philly


Space Needle Seattle WA (Photo by Dom) Spanktown - Rahway NJ
(Found by Dom)
Spanning the Continent - Philly


Sparta TN Veterans Memorial Sparta TN (Photo by Dom) Sparta TN Municipal Building
(Photo by Dom)
Sparta Town Clock - Sparta, TN
(Photo by Dom)


Spirit of '61 - Philly Spirit of Enterprise - Philly Spirit of Thunder & Lightning
Jim Thorpe


Split Button - Philly Spokane WA Clock at River Walk Park Spokane, WA (Photo by Dom) Spokane Blocks at River Walk Park Spokane, WA (Photo by Dom)


Sprague Railroad Station - Sprague, WA (Photo by Dom) Spring Arts - Philly Spring Bouquet - Philly


Spring Castle - Rock Island State Park TN (Photo by Dom) Spring Garden Public School - Philly Spring Garden Station - Philly


  Springhouse - Bethlehem   
Spykomish Ralroad Station - Spykomish, WA (Photo by Dom) Squirrel With SEPTA Token - Philly


SS Atlantus sunk off the coast of Cape May NJ (Found by Dom) SS Peter & Paul Orthodox Cemetery Cross -  Centralia SS United States - Philly


St. Augustine Church - Philly St. Augustine Church - Philly St. Christopher's Hospital for Children


St. Christopher's Murals St. Gabriel's - Hazleton St. George Cathedral - Philly


St. George's Church - Philly St. James Church - Lancaster St. John Neumann - Philly


St. Johns United Church of Christ - Jonestown St. Joseph's Church - Hazleton St. Joseph's  Honor Roll - Hazleton


St. Joseph's Medical Center - Hazleton St. Joseph's Preparatory School - Philly St. Marks - Jim Thorpe


St. Marks Episcopal Church - Philly St. Michaels - Shenandoah St. Nicholas Breaker - Mahanoy City


St Patrick's  Cathedral  NYC
(Photo by Dom)
St. Peters Episcopal Church - Philly St. Peter Claver Catholic Church


St. Regis Bridge - St. Regis, MT
(Photo by Dom)
St. Thomas African Episcopal Church
Staircases & Mountains: Ascending Beyond the Dream   - Philly


Staircases & Mountains: Ascending Beyond the Dream  2 - Philly Stamp of Incarceration - Amira Mohamed - Philly Stamp of Incarceration - James Anderson - Philly


Standard Theatre - Philly John Summerfield Staples - Stroudsburg Star - Philly


Starman in the Ancient Garden - Philly State College Post Office  16801 State Police Monument - Matamoras


State Theatre - Easton The Statesman - Philly Station 6: Celebration of Water - Philly


Station 47 Philly Statue of Liberty - Berwick Statue of Liberty - Bonner County, ID


Statue of Liberty NYC from a chopper. (Found by Dom) Steam Tractor - Goldfield, AZ 
(Photo by Brandon)
Steel Woman - Art Museum - Philly


Stegmaier Brewery - Wilkes-Barre Step Ahead - Philly Step Forward - Philly


Steps - Art Museum - Philly Sterling Hill Zinc Mine - Ogdensbuerg, NJ (Photo by Dom) Steve Carlton - Philly


John Frank Stevens - Marias Pass MT (Photo by Dom) Thaddeus Stevens -Lancaster  Wallace Stevens - Reading


Still Creek Dam & Reservoir - Still Creek William Still - Philly Still Life - Philly


Stockton Mine Disaster - Stockton Stone Arch Bridge - Callicoon, NY
(Photo by Dom)
Stone Harbor NJ Water Tower
(Found by Dom)


Stoneage in America - Philly Stop the Violence - Philly Stories of the Square - Philly


Strasburg Railroad - Strasburg Strathmere Upper Township NJ Water Tower
(Found by Dom)
Strawbridge & Clothier - Philly


Strawbridge & Clothier - Philly Street Knowledge - Philly Streets of West Philadelphia Mural


Strength in our Bonds - Philly Striving - Philly Stroll - Philly


William Strong - Reading Stronger Together - Philly Stroud Mansion - Stroudsburg


Jacob Stroud  - Stroudsburg
  Stroudsburg Fire Department  
Stroudsburg Post Office 18360


Suburban Station - Philly Sugar Notch Veterans Memorial Sugarloaf Massacre


  Sullivan's Expedition - Wilkes-Barre       Sullivan's March - Brinker's Mill  Sciota (Photo by Dom)       Sullivan's March  - Laurel Run Road  (Photo by Dom      


Sullivan's March - Tannersville- (Photo by Dom) Summit Hill Catholic Church Summit Hill High School


Summit Hill Presbyterian Church Sun Inn - Bethlehem Sunbury


Superstition Mountain - Arizona
(Photo by Brandon)
Swann Fountain at Logan Circle - Philly Sweet Arrow Lake Falls - Pine Grove


Sweet Grass Hills - Havre, MT
(Photo by Dom)
Switchback Railroad - Jim Thorpe Switchback Railroad - Jim Thorpe


Switchback Railroad - Jim Thorpe Symbiosis - Philly Philip Syng Jr. - Philly




Tacony - Philly Tacony-Palmyra Bridge - Philly Take Me to the River 1


Tale Me to the River II - Philly Tale Me to the River III - Philly Tall Ships - Philly


Taller than a Puertoriqueno - Philly Talon Energy at Brunner Island Talon Energy Stadium (Home of the UNION) - Chester


  Tamaqua Historical Society Tamaqua Tunnel next of Route 1015 north of Tamaqua


Tank - Tannery Henry O. Tanner - Philly The Tannery - Bethlehem


The Teardrop - Bayonne, NJ
(Photo by Dom)
Teedyunsung - Wilkes-Barre Tell Me What You See - Philly


Temple Railroad Station
(Found by Dom)
Ten Ten Lions - Philly Terminal Commerce Building - Philly


Nikola Tesla at Wardenclyff
(Photo by Dom)
Thank You Mr. Blackwell - Philly Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Philly


Theatre of Life Mural - Philly Theodore Roosevelt Home -  Cove Neck, NY (Photo by Dom) Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Park
Cove Neck, NY (Photo by Dom)


Theodore Roosevelt Museum - Cove Neck, NY (Photo by Dom) Theodore Roosevelt Obelisk - Marias Pass, MT (Photo by Dom) The Thinker at the Rodin Museum Philly


Thomas A. Edison High School and the Vietnam War - Philly Thomas Hockey House - Philly Thomas Paine Plaza aka Rayburn Plaza - Philly


Thompson's Rifle Battalion: Capt. John London's Company - Sunbury
(Taken by Dom)
Thompson's Rifle Battalion: Capt. George Nagel's Company - Reading Three Disks, One Lacking - Philly


Three Graces - Philly Three Mile Island - Dauphin County Three Mile Island - Dauphin County


Three-Way Piece One Pointing - Philly (Photo by Dom) Three Way Plug - Art Museum - Philly Thurmond Post Office 25936 Thurmond, WV (Photo by Dom)


Thurmond WV (Photo by Dom) Through the Cracks in the Pavement
Tiberino Family Art - Philly


Tiberino Family Art - Philly Tiberino Family Art - Philly Tiberino Family Art - Philly


Tiger Mural - Jersey City NJ
(Photo by Dom)