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Walking along a railroad track, a friend of ours saw a disk mounted in the top of an old railroad signal post.  Upon checking further, we found these were benchmarks placed by the US Coast and Geodetic Survey before the GPS came into use.  They mark longitude, latitude, elevation and other references to travel by and for surveyors to measure the land.  The disks and monel metal pins can be located in rocks, drainage ditches, bridges, structures (structures are usually for elevation) and along railroads.


Geocaching in Delano PA


We started our collection here in Hazleton, PA, but soon progressed out into the surrounding area.  Our collection has grown over the past couple of years, thanks to Dominic Deeble from Lined & Locked Photography who has traveled through several states and acquired a lot more.

I've decided to inventory them in alphabetical order, with separations between the letters, it's easier for me when I have to enter a new one in the middle of the group.


We will share with you the disk or pin and the area in which it was found.



02-40-2007-4 On a bridge over PA476 on Laurel Run Road   06-35-0106-4 Carbondale, PA


5A3 - 2013

On the Townsend Inlet Sea Isle City, NJ (Found by Dom)

  8JPN Rt 437 South of Honey Hole Road


USGS 16 ETL 1942 On Bridge over Centralia Outfall Centralia, PA   37 HLZ 1968

On bridge on Route 125 near Route 4022


379-713 On the bridge abutment in Macungie   2045-1 On a bridge at the junction of Main & Church Sts. Mountaintop


2354 E 2013

On rocks near Hampton Bay NY

  3040 -2 On Bridge by Slaughter House Drums, PA


5661D 1977 On a bridge on Ocean Drive near Cape May NJ      




A40 On bridge 120/2 along Reading Railroad   A231 On metal bridge on Blythburn Road


A232 On Bridge over Vulcan Road Mahanoy City   A232 On Bridge over Vulcan Road Mahanoy City


ANGIE 2 1933 On the side of a rock hill      




B231 At the junction of Blythburn & Starville Roads   B232 On retaining Wall St. Joseph's Cemetery Morea Road


  No distance shot available
BATCH At F.E.Walters Dam when water level is low   Bear Mountain Bridge Toll House - Bear Mountain, NY  


No distance shot available  
Bear Mountain Perkins Memorial Observatory - Bear Mountain, NY     Bears Head Delano



On the property of the Jackson Mansion






On an abandoned railroad bridge Frackville


On a bridge on Blythburn Road


Chuck looking for mark in Frackville.


Cape May 3 Cape May Lighthouse - Cape May NJ   CARPENTER

On Front St in Philly


Centennial No, 1 LAFCOL On a building on Lafayette College Campus - Easton


Centennial No. 4 LAFCOL Between two pillers on the Chapel on Lafayette College - Easton


Corps of Discovery II

On the Mint in Philly

  Cougar 2 - 1972 Found on cement wall near Sandpoint ID
(Photo by Dom)


Cougar 2 RM 3 - 1972 Found on cement wall near Sandpoint ID
(Photo by Dom)
  Cougar 2 No. 4 - 1972 Found on cement wall near Sandpoint ID
(Photo by Dom)


County of Carbon 1991 On bridge edge at Lehigh Gorge - Rockport (Found by Dom)       County of Carbon          40-05-13A On cement portal near Oneida Junction


Croton Systems Dams BM  NC-B Croton Dam NY      





No Picture  

D0I National Park Service

Found by the Harpers Ferry WV Train Station   D216 On Flagpole Base at Hazleton Airport


D232 Cranberry Creek Bridge Hazle Township   D500 Reset On Highway 2 in Nyack, MT


DALLAS Reset 1957 On Citizens Bank in Dallas   Delano 2 On rocks off Delano Exit of I81


Delano 2-3 On rocks off Delano exit of I81   Delano 2-4 On rocks off Delano exit of I81




E228 Honey Hole Road on orange bridge just before Rt 437      




F232 At the crossroads of Morea Road & Oak St Frackville   Flood Crest Reigelsville




G40 Over Rt 339 Mahanoy City   G232 Several feet west of Fabcon on Morea Road


GFH 13 - Sparta, TN GFH Sparta, TN   GFH 14 Sparta, TN GFH 14, Sparta, TN


GFH 15 Sparta, TN GFH 15 Sparta, TN   Gate On this entrance to Lafayette College - Easton


GW 1750 On a rock structure by the Natural Bridge - Natural Bridge, VA      




H40 On railroad bridge over 8th St. Mahanoy City   H228 At the bottom of utility pole on private property


I found a mark in front of the Great Hall in Kingston


H232 In culvert by Mt Laurel - Hazleton, PA   H361PDH On the bridge between Lehighton & Weissport


High Point RM2 On the wall of the High Point Monument -  Sussex, NJ      






J228 Honey Hole Road just after crossing under I80   J231 On metal bridge on Sunset Drive Drums


J232 In front of Luzerne Tire -Hazleton, PA   Jess 15 - 2015 Jessup Lane West Hampton, NY




K228 Destroyed On 6 foot bridge on Honey Hole Road   K232 In railroad trestle over route 309 in Hazleton, PA


K361 On 209 before PA Turnpike   KINGSTON The Great Hall in Kingston




L40 1934 South of Mahanoy Junction   L56

Market St  Bridge Wilkes-Barre


L73 - 1934 On Missoula Mt station   L107  1934 Found on this pedestrian underpass at Bear Mt NY (Found by Dom)


LANSFORD Lansford Bank of America   LL 192  RESET On bridge over Locust Creek


LSP South Liberty State Park South in New Jersey (Found by Dom)      



Chuck taking night shot of mark in Shamokin




M228 Honey Hole Road on cement bridge between guardrails   N140 - 1941 On a train bridge in Port Jervis, NY (Found by Dom)




NANTICOKE In old Miners Trust Bank Nanticoke, PA   National Park Service Valley Forge National Historical Park


NESQUE 1969 On Broad Mt on the edge of a bluff   NESQUE No 1 On Broad Mt on the edge of a bluff






P232 On bridge outside of McAdoo, PA   PennDot 1655.85 On railroad bridge on I81 South Lofty, PA


Penn State Disk 11 In the grass in front of Old Main   Penn State Disk 12 In the grass in front of Old Main


Penn State Disk 13 In the grass in front
of Old Main
  Philadelphia Water Works On this platform at the Philadelphia Water Works


POTTSVILLE On a Civil War statue on Market St.   PTOLEMY 1995 Westchester County NY 
(Photo by Dom)


PTS N Reading Bureau of Water 1934 n grass in Penn's Common by Anchor - Reading   PTS S Reading Bureau of Water 1934 In grass in Penn's Common by Anchor - Reading




Q232 On the bridge between McAdoo & Keleyres   Q369 South Street Harbor Park - Philly




R36 On bridge over Shamokin Creek   R194 On this wall in Jim Thorpe


A Passerby stopped to watch Dom Clean off RM1 in Reading


R232 On the flagpole base in front of old Kelayres School   R324 1943 On a culvert in East Hampton, NY
(Taken by Dom)



READING On corner of
Penn's Commons
  READING RM 1 Along foundation of this building - Reading


RV66RDGRR On railroad bridge over 8th St. Mahanoy City   RV79RDGRR Metal Rivet in bridge Wabash Creek - Tamaqua, PA




No Distant Shot  
S48 - 1934 At Old Penn Haven Junction   S192 PDH On a bridge along 902 south of Summit Hill


S231 In old signal post along railroad Hazleton, PA
(First one found by Dom)
  S232 On top of railroad tunnel west of Delano, PA


SKYTOP 1 On Mt Mohonk New Paltz NY (Photo by Dom)   SKYTOP 2 On Mt. Mohonk New Platz NY (Photo by Dom)


Spengler LAFCOL Reset 2015 On this cement fence base on Lafayette College - Easton   Spring ? On top of a boulder on Spring Mountain (Found by Dom)


Spring 2 On a rock on Spring Mt. (Found by Dom)   Station 21T1 NJ


Station 5E1 - 1995 On a bridge on Ocean Drive over Middle Thorofare in NJ   Station 501 - 1995 On a bridge crossing Cedar Island NJ



SUMMIT Between 200 and 204 Lehigh St Summit Hill      



Geocaching by the railroad in Humboldt




T48 On metal bridge
in Weatherly PA
  T228 Honey Hole Road just
before going under I80


T230 On a bridge on Church Road
in Mountaintop
T231 Destroyed On railroad bridge
northwest of Hazleton, PA


Tidal 3 Station I18 Bolt -
Bear Mt. NY
Near L107 on pedestrian
underpass Bear Mt NY 
(Found by Dom)
  Tidal 24 107 Arch St Philadelphia


Tidal 25 On Corn Exchange Bank
Arch St. Philly
  Tidal 27 1010 Arch St - Philly


Tidal 29 On north entrance
to City Hall - Philly
  Tidal 35 On base of Benjamin Franklin Bridge


T.T.5K.  On private property along RR in Laurel Run   TT STAT NO15


On a rock on Front Royal, VA
(Photo by Dom)




No distance Picture

Not found by USGS in 1971    

U36 Along Reading Railway near Ashland   U225 On rock on Olney Road


U227 On small metal bridge over Black Creek in Tank   U228 On a bridge over Nescopeck Creek


U230 On a bridge over Wapwallapen Creek   U232 Railroad bridge over Rt 309 South of McAdoo.


U237 On the edge of the wall by Race St. Pier - Philly   Unknown PDH On bridge on Route 1012


Unknown PDH On bridge over route 437 Mountaintop   Unknown PDH On Route 115 bridge over Kelly's Run
(Found by Dom)


Chuck photographing Mark in Avoca


Unknown PDH On bridge in Bowmanstown (Found by Dom)   Unknown PDH On bridge on route 2013 in Falls. (Found by Dom)


Unknown PDT On 59th Street Bridge in Altoona
(Found by Dom)
  Unknown PDT On bridge wall in Shamokin




V227 Large bridge over Nescopeck  near Tank   V230 On an orange bridge on Blythburn Road


V232 PDH In bridge over railroad off I81 exit in Delano, PA   VETERANS In the grass at the entrance to the Viet Nam Memorial - Philly




W44 1934 On bridge structure at Hecla
(Found by Dom)
  W48 In bridge over Hazle Creek in Stockton, PA


WAWA (Destroyed) South Columbus Blvd - Philly   WEST PITTSTON Reset Memorial Park West Pittston


WHITE HAVEN Old White Haven School   WILKES-BARRE In the Square in Wilkes-Barre


William Penn Memorial Fire Tower - Reading  
On Duryea Drive in Reading      




X184 On a large rock south
of Summit Hill
  X231 Just west of the entrance to Gilberton Generation





X234 On Flood Control Project - Avoca      




Y184 On the base of a high tension power pole      




Z231 At the intersection of Morea & Mahanoy City Roads       




Chuck cleaning dirt off Mark near Delano.



We have located 135 Benchmarks so far.


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