MY Favorite Oscar

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These Three Oscars belong to Jami Hoelscher

Senior Finny Bottom Phillipe Sharra



This is "Jesus" and he belongs to Ryan Burk.



This is "Ollie" and "Olive" and they belong to Deana Myers



This Oscie belongs to Jim Robinson



This is "Oscar" and it belongs to Sherri Crowe and her husband.


These Oscars belong to Kathy (sorry I forgot the last name)



These Oscars belong to Rochelle & Chris



This is "Autum" & "Bob" and they belong to Antone Sears



This is "Grumpy" and he belongs to Rodger Leath Jr.



This is "Princess", "Bad Boy", & "Punk" and they belong to Thai Nhat.



This is "Killer" & "Jackel" and they belong to Kevin.



This Albino Oscar belongs to Rachel McNeese



This is Arkasha and he belongs to Michael.



These Oscars belong to Zoomitup.



This Oscar belongs to Aaron Griffith



This is Nermal and his friend Tursiops and they belong to Ben Foong.



This Oscar belongs to Corey Quackenbush.



This is Hal and he belongs to Enrique Mejia from Mexico City.



These Oscars belong to Ben Matelski from Michigan.



This is "Nessie" and she belongs to Scottie Taylor




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